Spider-man in WWE? He’s Gonna Need a Partner

Here’s an interesting thought. If we mash up the WWE Universe with Marvel, you’ve got the greatest battle in the multiverse ever, but how would these Spider-men fair in wrestling?

Of course, for the purpose of this article, we need to pretend that wrestling is real, or that this hypothetical idea takes place in a universe where wrestling is, in fact, real. Do you know what one of my favourite story events is? It’s the Spider-verse. A tale which saw every Spider-man ever come together to fight a bigger threat.

We had all kinds of Spider-man characters coming together. A Spider-man who was a ninja, punk rocker, and even Uncle Ben. One my favourites was Lucha Spider-man, Juan-Carlos Sanchez from Earth-616. This Spider-man had the same back story as Peter Parker, but he inherited the Spider-man Lucha-guise to fight crime.

Spider-man in WWE? He’s Gonna Need a Partner - n3rdabl3

Meanwhile, you’ve got a teen version of Miguel O’hara, A.K.A. the Spider-man of 2099 floating around in a not so-well received revival of the 2099 universe where he became a wrestler of sorts. So imagine if another Spider-verse happened and these two guys needed to form the most heroic tag team ever and battle for the belt to save the world.

I’d say they’d give the Hardy Boyz a run for their money.

First off, you’ve got two talented gymnasts who are experienced combatants flipping around the ring performing the high rope thrills and spills that only a spider can. You’ve got a gimmick that works and is well known. Name one person who doesn’t know who Spider-man is?

Spider-man in WWE? He’s Gonna Need a Partner - n3rdabl3

To top it off, you’ve got the flashy costumes that are nice and easy manoeuvre in. Plus webbing is the perfect defence against an attack from a chair or slowing down a hulking monster of an opponent who is the size of someone like HHH or Brock Lesnar.

Also, they are the ultimate heroes, the perfect baby faces. You can’t help route for the good guys, right? If they need any training, I’m sure Crusher Hogan, Spider-mans first opponent in the ring, who was actually a really good guy would surely be happy to help?

Either way, WWE if you’re reading. I’m free to talk about this why not?