Welcome to your CREO employee induction briefing! Did you get your free mocha-latte double frap with foam and vanilla sugar at the door? No? Neither did I.

The Surge, like any Souls-like game, does a great job of teaching you the buttons and little else before thrusting you into an area full of big bads that want nothing more than to stamp the life out of your chest. Brutally. So here’s a handy guide to helping you survive your first day at the workplace and hopefully prevent any of those nasty health and safety briefings. No-one listens to them anyways.

So here we go!

You WILL die

Dying happens. It’s a act of life and the scrap recovery mechanic is there for a reason. You will undoubtedly die at some point. You can be as careful and conservative as physically possible but at somepoint you will over extend yourself and you will die. Accept it. Move on.

Everything wants to kill you

In the CREO facility, virtually everything will want you dead. The few dudes you may encounter along the way might not want to tear your spine out through your sternum but they’ll often send you off on missions that have the same damn effect. Here’s looking at you Davey.

Proceed with caution

With death and destruction lurking around every corner, it’s important to tread lightly. Moving cautiously will quite often prevent you from walking into a trap or getting blindsided by that one guy you KNOW is around that corner but hasn’t shown himself yet. Most of the enemies will attack you on sight, so the more you can do to delay them spotting you the better.

Use your drone

Using your drone to pull enemies away from others and draw them off one by one is a huge help. Engaging multiple enemies at once can often spell the end of Warren so using your drone to attack and draw them away from their friends is always a good move.


Use the environment

Kiting enemies around parts of the landscape and environment can help you stay alive and bait them into leaving an opening for you. It’s a simple trick but invaluable when you’re low on health and out of med-kits.

Be dodgey

The Surge’s blocking mechanics can be a little awkward and hard to use efficiently, it’s about 50/50 as to whether or not you’re lined up right to block the attack. Personally I find it much easier to evade and give your targets a wide berth to swing and then charge in and attack. Slow but effective.


When shit gets thick, don’t be afraid to run. There are few enemies that can keep up and most of them dont pursue you all that hard if you aren’t constantly poking them. Run, rest and come back. You may have to clear an area multiple times but the extra scrap is always handy and it helps you work on your timings.

Bank the excess

I know, I know. I said I wouldn’t use the bank feature. Sue me. It’s just so damn useful! When you’re done upgrading your rig or equipment, bank the excess Scrap. It’s usually only a couple hundred but it builds up.


Target the limbs

When fighting you can select which limb to target or just the enemy in general. Targeting a specific limb is almost always better and helps stagger and dispatch a target easier. Especially when it comes to those Robo-Security-Dog-Scorpion things. You don’t always need to go for a successful cut, targeting an unarmoured limb will usually drop your target with minimal fuss.


Go for the tail

Robo-Security-Dog-Scorpion things. They are the bane of my life in that game, targeting their tails first makes them a whole different ball game to put down. Don’t get me wrong, they don’t suddenly become a cakewalk, but a damn sight easier to handle.


Progress is always down the path of most resistance

Exactly how it sounds. Progressing forwards can often be a little confusing and you’re left wondering where to go. When in doubt, take the path of most resistance. The more bad guys you’re fighting, the more likely that you’re walking the right path to the next boss.

Hopefully reading the above has given you a good starting point and a helping hand in surviving the everyday safety hazards that the CREO facility provides. It’s by no means an exhaustive list of tricks and skills you may need but finding them out for yourself is part of the fun!

Good luck out there and remember, if you have an accident, you can’t claim workman’s comp.

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