Grab your wand and explore my magic ideas for what Warner Bros can do next with the Harry Potter universe in the wake of the news that even more movies are in the works.

I bet a conversation has been had about rebooting the 7 book fantasy series that captured the imagination of an entire generation, especially since there was a whole bunch of plot developments that JK Rowling dropped on the studio with each new book.

Though since Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them did rather well, and you know you don’t cast Johnny Depp just for a couple of minutes and drop so many references to the background of a character, unless you want to make sequels.

Since the whole goal of these new Harry Potter movies is, of course, to make some safe money for Warner Bros, but it’s also about expanding this magical world. As long as JK Rowling remains involved, you should avoid a convoluted mixed bag like the Star Wars Expanded Universe.

It’s kind of weird that they never made any Harry Potter comics or even an early 2000s manga attempt. So without further ado, here are three movie genres I think would fit the Harry Potter Cinematic Universe.


This makes a lot of sense to me. I mean the Harry Potter Universe is brimming with creepy crawlies and other scary things floating around.

Surely some unfortunate Hogwarts students stumble upon a remote location full of monsters? We all know a Hufflepuff would die first and the Slytherin would get it last.


Forbidden love seems to be a common theme for the Harry Potter series. Lily and Snape, Tom Riddle Sr and Voldemort’s mum, Harry and Ginny, and even Hagrid’s parents.

So a love story involving two people from very different worlds would surely be a winner What about a mystic creature and witch or wizard overcoming adversity to be together?



I remember the trailers for that Quidditch game back in the day and how the Harry and the gang whizzed around playing the broomstick-based title.

So what if a bunch of Hogwarts students ended up in a world tournament with other magic schools? Or how about a tale of Oliver Wood as he struggles to make his name in the fiercely competitive world of Quidditch?

Have you got any suggestions? Let us know in the comments below!

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