Twitch is not only the single biggest video game live-streaming network in the business, but is looking to become THE online mecca for production and hosting of events online.

They are approaching this in a big way; by expanding the suite of events put on by Twitch Studios and looking to help train and hone the skills of creators all across the network. If you produce content, this very well could relate to you. But let’s be honest: there’s a whole lot going on in this post on the Twitch Blog and a lot of it sounds pretty similar. What does it mean for you? Lemme break it down for ya, like so..

Twitch Host Training

Part of this big new push involves Twitch’s first workshop, focused on hosting and interviewing. Happening in August, Twitch plans to invite “established and aspiring hosts and interviewers” as well as “provide training and resources that will help level up the hosting prowess and hireability of hosting talent at any level.” From this workshop, you can expect to spend a week in Twitch offices in San Fransisco working with their newly appointed “Twitch Studio Ambassadors.” From HelloKellyLink who worked with Hi-Rez Studios for years running live-streams and hosting Patch Notes shows, to Ezekiel_III, a long-standing community figure and frequent host of Twitch’s broadcasts.

This workshop will likely be extremely limited, with perhaps up to twelve invited guests; and that’s a generous amount. Those that do successfully apply to the workshop will receive world-class training in the realm of hosting and showmanship however, so basically what I’m saying is I am going to work on my resume tonight and mail it to Twitch every day for the next two months.

Event Stage Segment Submissions

Twitch has advertised this bit by directly stating that they are “opening up our live event stage for segments produced by streamers themselves.” Several examples were given, from presenting an idea that Twitch’s viewers would like to watch, to a live episode of your own show, to an interview with an industry professional. What this means, is these “submissions” can vary vastly, but in general this means you get to walk into the studio like a top dog and run the show of your dreams.

This is quite vague, and I feel this is purposefully so, in order to truly allow for myriad possibilities for the creators’ submissions. This could be a fantastic way of attaining exposure, and highlighting exactly what it is that your channel revolves around. There really don’t seem to be too many limits, so throw ideas at the wall and you could find yourself live in front of thousands of viewers.

Pitch Twitch Studios

Speaking of throwing ideas into a hat, that is exactly what their “pitch” process would aim to do. This one is far more self-explanatory: have a sick idea for a show, but not quite the budget to make it happen? If they approve of the idea, then you could see your vision created and be credited with it, and are marketing this toward any “aspiring producer, host, writer, or anything else in the realm of video production” meaning you can’t really go wrong. Pitches are being accepted right now as well, so this could be your big shot kiddo!

Twitch Weekly “Meet and greet”

All right not sure why the “Video Spotlight” was rebranded to this… Basically: make a video showcasing your channel, or shouting out another, and they will air the cream of the crop on the Twitch Weekly shows. This is primarily for exposure, and presenting your content to a whole heaping load of eyes. Super simple, and if you can make a good enough example could be a truly significant boost to your channel.

Open casting calls

Okay, this is not the casting call that you’re thinking of. No, you will not get the role of Han Solo in Twitch’s new Star Wars parody… yet. Instead, this is for auditioning for things such as the TwitchCon Talent Show, and PJSaltan. At the moment this is all they are casting for, and redirect to their submission page for you to create a video under 2 minutes in length showcasing your saltiness. If this concept sounds interesting to you might want to pay attention to any further casting announcements from the Big Purple.

That’s about it as far as Twitch Studios’ latest release goes, and while it’s not a big shake-up, it could be exactly what you need to up your production game.

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