VR Karts Launches Today on PSVR

Perp and Viewpoint games have announced that as of today, PSVR gamers in Europe can jump into their VR racer, VR Karts. Players will hop into their very own customisable kart and compete in races using weapons and powerups along the way.

VR Karts’ weapons range from beehive bombs to EMPs which are aimed and fired using head tracking. Players must take advantage of each track’s hazards and shortcuts in order to take the lead over their rivals. The game features twelve tracks including a castle and a cave system. Players can race against others online or against AI opponents in Rookie, Amateur and Pro cups.

VR Karts launched for Oculus and HTC Vive back in 2015 so the PSVR versions comes packed with improved weapon handling and AI along with an improved collision system. This version sees extra care put into player comfort with a modified world scale.

You can check out the launch trailer below: