Apparently more people are using WhatsApp’s Status feature, which is basically Snapchat Stories for WhatsApp, than they are Snapchat itself.

When Facebook introduced Stories to Instagram, we all knew it was a blatant rip off of Snapchat Stories, then they brought it onto Facebook, which no one used. Then WhatsApp got the same treatment and many thought it’d die a similar death to Facebook Stories, however that’s not the case at all.

Less than three months since its roll out, WhatsApp’s Status feature has 175 million users, Facebook announced. That’s a pretty decent number but also quite a small one considering WhatsApp has over a billion users. That being said, this feature is being used way more than Snapchat, which as of February has 161 million daily users.

Of course, comparing the two is like comparing chalk and cheese, while they do have similar features, WhatsApp is used by a completely different audience to Snapchat. Apparently more than half of Snapchat’s users don’t visit Facebook daily, nor do they visit Instagram daily either.

Still, it’s a pretty impressive achievement, right?



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