Wild West Online

Today, 612 Games that the cowboy themed MMO Wild West Online will come to PC this year. After the success of the official announcement, the game received additional funding from the game’s initial investors meaning that it was possible to launch this year.

The game will no longer require funding from a Kickstarter campaign and will skip Steam Early Access and go straight for a full release. At launch, the game will feature all of its original stretch goals including Female characters, rich role-playing and social activities such as card games, and localisation. 612 Games will continue to support the game after release.

Wild West Online is an open-world action multiplayer game in which players can explore the huge Western Frontier setting. Players can choose to be a lawman, pioneer or outlaw as they gather resources and engage in PvP and PvE combat.

Wild West Online is being positioned as a substitute for Red Dead Redemption 2 for PC players. Given Rockstar’s track record with PC ports it’s safe to say that Wild West Online has the potential to fill the gap in the market when it launches later this year.

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