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Xbox Scorpio ‘Promising’ – Cliff Bleszinski

Just how promising are we talking?


Gears of War designer who co-founded the studio behind LawBreakers, Cliff Bleszinski, has called Scorpio “promising” in a Reddit AMA.

The console, due out later this year, is being pitched by Microsoft as the most powerful console ever made and it seems that Bleszinski thinks they’re on to something. When asked about Scorpio he said that Microsoft is getting their shit together and the new console is promising.

His confidence in the new project appears to be high given that he told one Reddit user that they shouldn’t rule out a version of LawBreakers for Xbox. LawBreakers is currently set to release on PS4 and PC.

Bleszinski also noted that he enjoyed Gears of War 4 and seemed to chide Microsoft for doubling down on Kinect. Hindsight is a fine thing.

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