Apparently the first details of Amy Hennig’s upcoming Star Wars game which is currently in development over at Visceral, have leaked online.

According to the leak, which comes via “Making Star Wars“, Amy Hennig’s Star Wars is currently going by the codename “Project Ragtag” and will take place between A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back.

The leak goes on to reveal the plot will revolve around a main character nicknamed Dodger, played by Todd Stashwick. Dodger received his nickname after he “dodged” draft into Imperial service. This then forced him into hiding, in turn giving him access to the criminal underworld. After his home planet was destroyed, he was placed on a list of the few survivors wanted by The Empire.

Dodger’s journey will apparently see him working with Jabba the Hutt to earn enough to bribe Imperial soldiers to take him off of the want list. The story will also feature the destruction of The Death Star that’ll see unlikely heroes raise up from this criminal underworld.

In terms of gameplay, Making Star Wars reports that Dodger’s main weapon is some sort of whip which he can use to grapple enemies, he’ll also be equipped with a blaster, though other variations of weapons will appear in the game with others coming later as DLC.

Of course, this is a pretty hefty leak if I ever saw one, and while Making Star Wars doesn’t divulge who the source is, other than that they’ve “heard” things. I would personally take this information with a fistful of salt.

Currently, Amy Hennig’s Star Wars game doesn’t have an official title or release date.

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