2K Games and Gearbox have announced that Battleborn will be getting a “free trial” which gives players unlimited play of the multiplayer modes, with a continuous rotation of characters.

It’s fair to say that Battleborn didn’t quite make the impression 2K Games and Gearbox hoped it would. Since its release a little over a year ago now the game still has a few dedicated fans, but for the most part it’s pretty dead. For a while now it’s been rumoured that the game would transition to a free-to-play business model, but that rumour was quickly shut down.

However, a year later and here we are, Battleborn has essentially become a free-to-play game however rather than saying it’s “free-to-play” the developers are calling it a “free trial”.

This Free Trial is basically a way of saying that it’s free-to-play without using those ill-fated words. This “free downloadable experience” allows players to dive into Battleborn’s multiplayer for free with no limitations other than the fact that some characters are held behind a paywall. A total of six characters will be available to players for free and are regularly rotated too letting players trial some of the other heroes in the game.


There are no level caps, no time limits, and all content can be unlocked via gameplay, though actually forking out cash is usually the quicker option if you see a character you really like. Character and player progression is also permanent, so you can continue to level up a character even if they leave and re-enter rotation.

The game’s Story Mode Operations will be unlockable via the marketplace either using in-game currency or Platinum premium currency.


Players who purchase individual bits of content but then commit to purchasing the full game will receive in-game credits for items they already own, and those of us who already own the game will be upgraded to “Founder” status, and will include Legendary Gear, Platinum, Credits, loot packs, and much more.

Of course, Gearbox’s Randy Pitchford is still keen to let players know that Battleborn isn’t free-to-play, despite the game being listed as such on Steam, and the game now having a business model pretty similar to other free-to-play games.

Either way, you can now jump into Battleborn for free.

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