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Darkhorse Comics has teamed up with DC to do some real fun stuff with some of their most iconic characters. I mean Batman and Aliens went together like fish and chips.

We’re always talking about Superman and Goku having a good scrap to see who’s the strongest. Though did you know that The Man of Steel once had a scrap with a Predator? If you think about it, that’s kind of an interesting idea. A scarier Batman lurking in the shadows with an ambiguous strength level.

The story in which Superman and Predator met had Superman slowly losing his powers, and of course he couldn’t kill due to his moral stance on the matter. Which has always kind of the flaw with these DC crossovers, since DC characters are strictly forbidden from killing.

Goku does though. If you don’t believe me, why don’t you ask Freeza? So, could Goku and some of the Z-warriors win in a scrap against some Aliens and a Predator or two? Of course, folks like Yamcha and Tien are probably going to end up getting shanked or covered in some lethal Xenomorph acid, though that’s what the Dragon Balls are for aren’t they?

Krillin would probably get through by the skin of his teeth and would probably end up in a filler episode with Trunks and Goten (my favourite tag team by the way)

I mean the Saiyans stand the best chance. Vegeta could easily wipe out a few, though Gohan would likely have a problem with killing Aliens like Green Lantern Hal Jordan did. Hal argued that they were animals and it was in their nature to kill. I would reckon Gohan would do the same.

Meanwhile, Goku would probably see The Predators as another exciting opponent he needs to beat.

Though I can’t help thinking about something. You know how in Alien 3 when one blew it’s way out of a dog chest and it was kind of different?

What would happen if Broly encountered a face sucker and one came out of his chest? Could an Alien go Super Saiyan? That’s kind of scary.

That would be a really cool Alien Covenant sequel.

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