Come with me if you want to read yet another dumb idea that I’m not ready to call fan fiction. This time let’s pit the colourful cast of Dragon Ball Z against a more sinister man of steel.

So this is an idea for limited manga series which could perhaps be adapted into a filler-ridden anime for Dragon Ball Super or an OVA? Could the crew of Dragon Ball Z stand a chance against Skynet? Also, where would the Androids side in this battle?

Since this is Dragon Ball Z, we know we’d probably have to watch The Terminator scrap against The Androids first as we build up to the epic battle against the main man, Goku.

Have you ever noticed how Android 16 is very similar in terms of mannerisms to the Terminator? A big silent huge dude who gets destroyed a lot? I reckon 17 and 18 would give The Terminator a run for his money, but his sheer ruthless robotic method of battle would prevail. When they think they’ve won. He’d come back and probably strip them for parts that would make him even more formidable.


I could imagine Cell in the afterlife trying to get in on the action, and you never know, Skynet might have its sights set on the Dragon Balls as part of their conquest against humanity. So, while The Terminator is searching for the Dragon Balls, Goku is probably off somewhere, maybe with Whiz training along with Vegeta?

To slow The Terminator down maybe Trunks from the future turns up? Maybe Skynet has screwed his future up and he’s here to slow him down. Maybe he meets his younger self along with Goten? It would be nice to see them a bit more. I always did like playing as Gotenks in the games.

After The Terminator brings them all down. Goku returns, after a long, long battle where The Terminator and Goku simply won’t go down.

In the end, and after about ten episodes Goku wins with sheer brute strength and maybe Krillin uses the Dragon Balls to bring his wife 18 and her brother 17 back to life, however in the process they bring The Terminator back but this time he’s not under the influence of Skynet?

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