Sony has announced that their upcoming platformer, Knack 2, will be launching on PlayStation 4 on September 5.

Honestly, the original Knack was a bit of a flop. Originally a PlayStation 4 launch title the game failed to really make an impression on anyone. Apparently that doesn’t matter to Sony who revealed at the end of 2016 that Knack 2 was coming.

Now, after a few months of silence from the company we’ve got a solid release date for the game and some more details as to what it’ll entail.

Knack 2 is set to keep the game’s platforming roots, but will introduce a number of improvements including better platforming aspects, puzzles, and combat. Knack will also keep his ‘grow-as-you-go’ mechanic, allowing him to get much bigger as he collects more and more parts, this time around however players will have some control over his size. This will presumably open up the door to some much more complex puzzles.

Check out the E3 2017 trailer below, as well as 15 minutes of gameplay!

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