We’ve made it, we’re two days away from kicking off E3 2017 and all of n3rdabl3’s coverage of the event. We’re ending with EA, who is the publisher with the first press conference of E3 on June 10. Again, visit n3rdabl3.com for the duration of E3 to see all the news from the weekend plus visit twitch.tv/n3rdabl3 and join us for all of the press conferences as we live stream them and chat with you guys. Also, pre and post show analysis for every conference, it’ll be fun.

EA has shown most of their hand going into E3 this year. We have a pretty good idea of exactly what we’ll see from them with some possible outliers but nothing too exciting. Obviously, we’ll see Star Wars Battlefront 2, all of their sports games, and Need for Speed: Payback which was just announced. I’m sure a lot of time will be spent on Star Wars properties this year, at least for one title.

Like with each article before this one, I’ll add in some predictions at the bottom. With EA being pretty vocal about what games they’ll have available it’s hard to make guesses as to what is going on but I came up with a few that might work. So let’s see what we can expect from EA this year.

Star Wars Battlefront 2

Outside of the sports game, this should be the biggest no-brainer of what we’ll see at the show. With adding in a story mode for this instalment of the game I expect some clarity and a nice showing on how that will work and what it will look like. I expect a lot of gameplay of Star Wars Battlefront 2 throughout the weekend. Both from the campaign and from the multiplayer modes.

I’m not sure how deep we’ll get into the details of the story but seeing the Empire with some human elements to it is always interesting. I’m curious to see how this will fit into the Star Wars universe. I just hope it’s not the easy way out of those Troopers joining the resistance. Give us an Empire story that takes the focused on Troopers and makes them even madder when they see the Death Star blown up. If this story takes us to the beginning of the First Order somehow, I would be so happy.

I also expect there to be a focus on new playable heroes and space battles. When the first game was announced to not have space battles, people went crazy. While I didn’t see it as a big deal, I was clearly in the minority. So I believe DICE will want to showcase that to get people back on their side.

I liked the first game from DICE a lot and now with added features and gameplay modes, I’m super excited to get my hands on this.

Visceral’s Star Wars Game

We’ve known about this game for a long time but that’s a good percentage of what we know, that it’s a game and it’s coming sometime in the future. We also know that Amy Henning (former Uncharted creative director, and writer) is the creative director and that this game is a story driven experience. That little fact is an excellent sign.

This game has been in development for a long time and again, details have been sparse. But I think this is finally the year we get some hard information on what exactly we can expect from this game. I don’t think we’ll get too much as to not take away from Star Wars Battlefront 2 but I think we get enough to hold us over. A proper title, a tease of the story and the character we play, that’s all I expect but it’ll be cool enough to have us buzzing and itching for more information.

Need For Speed: Payback

I’ve gotten a lot of questions about why EA would show their new Need For Speed game so close to E3. Why wouldn’t they just wait? Well, if they show it early, there’s no risk of it getting lost in the weeds of all the other announcements. So for a handful of days, Need For Speed: Payback is getting the attention it wants without the risk of the immediate comparisons to a possible Forza Horizon 7 or Gran Turismo Sport.

At the press conference, I’m positive we’ll see more of this game. More gameplay, more information on the story and they’ll probably show off just how big the roster of cars is and how in depth the customization is. Anything is better than the 2015 Need for Speed, right?

Madden 18, FIFA 18, NBA Live

We’ll see all of these games at E3 as they always have a big presence. FIFA I expect more of the same and some news on what this year’s story mode looks like as it was pretty popular last year. Same with Madden 18 as the trailer suggests that it will also be getting some kind of story mode similar to FIFA’s. Of course, there will be gameplay and whatever new mechanics are coming to the games.

The interesting thing will be whatever is up with NBA Live. NBA Live 17 was delayed from 2016 to early 2017 and then again to the fall of 2017 in turn, basically, making it NBA Live 18. It’ll be interesting to see where they are with this franchise and if it can offer up something to compete with the super popular NBA2K franchise.

Unravel 2

The cute, yarn creation, Yarny is coming back. Coldwood Studios have made it public that they’re developing a sequel to the cute platformer that launched last year. While it’s only been a year since it was announced to be in the works, it should be enough time for Coldwood Studios to show us, even if it’s just an announcement. I just hope Martin Sahlin won’t be as nervous this time when the announcement is made.

Bioware’s New IP

The new IP from Bioware was originally supposed to launch this fiscal year but was just to the next fiscal year, meaning it could release anywhere between April 2018 and March 2019. You have to think that a game that was even remotely close to being on pace for this fiscal year at one point has something of worth to show a large crowd who want to see new games, right? I expect to get a tease of some type from Bioware of the new game. Anything more than that would be a surprise but I expect something.


Predictions already? Yup. I don’t expect EA to have too many new things to show, but instead to focus a lot on the games that will be releasing later this year. With that said, I’ll make two predictions to make this all a little more interesting.

Prediction: Popcap will show off TWO new games, with one of them being Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 3. I don’t like making predictions that have next to zero evidence, but who cares, it’s E3. If Popcap has a Peggle 3, I’ll be overly excited.

Prediction: There will be a new Skate game and Tony Hawk is involved with it. I want to point you to two articles that came out on back to back days. First, this story about Tony Hawk making a new game NOT with Activision. And this one that EA is NOT working on Skate 4 currently. So Tony Hawk is making a new game and EA isn’t making Skate 4. Then why make the prediction?

Tony Hawk making a new game with someone outside of Activision easily points to EA, the owner of the other big skateboarding franchise. That would make for an easy pairing. Then a day later EA clarified that they currently aren’t working on Skate 4. 4. Four. Not working on Skate FOUR. Every quote says that instead of the typical blanket statement such as, “we’re currently not working on another Skate game/title.”

They’re not working on Skate 4 because it won’t be called that. This game will be called Skate: Tony Hawk or something akin to that, leaving out a number completely and acting as a reboot to the franchise to make good skateboarding games again.

And there you have it, that’s EA at this year’s E3. Hope this prepares you properly and when that Skate-Tony Hawk prediction comes true, feel free to tweet me #GageWasRight and when I’m inevitably wrong use #ItWasAPredictionNotToBeTakenAsFact #NoNeedToComplainOnTwitter or something like that.

That concludes my Preview and Predictions series for E3 2017. If my predictions can be at least 50% correct, I’ll be moderately happy. But E3 starts in just a few short days and like I mentioned you can join us for each and every press conference starting on June 10 with EA. We’ll be live streaming the conference and will have a pre and post show for EA and every conference from the week. Join us, chat along and ask us questions then come back here to n3rdabl3.com to read up on everything and get each detail.

Join us, chat along and ask us questions then come back here to n3rdabl3.com to read up on everything and get each and every detail.

In case you missed any of them, here are the other preview and predictions I did for this year’s show:

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