Fable Fortune

Flaming Fowl Studios and Mediatonic have announced the release date for the upcoming collectable card game, Fable Fortune, for Xbox One and PC.

Coming to the Xbox One Preview and Steam Early Access on July 11, Fable Fortune will finally give Fable fans a chance to jump into the world of Albion again following the abrupt cancellation of Fable Legends.

The game is set to blend CCG mechanics with a more tabletop board-game aesthetic. It’ll also bring some of the franchise’s most iconic moments, as well as heroes and villains, and much more from the series’ history.

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Much like other CCGs currently on the market, players choose from a selection of six heroes, each of which have their own diverse powers and cards which can be utilised in either the PvP mode, or the fully integrated Co-op mode.

Those wanting to dive back into the world of Albion can do so on July 11 when the game launches on Xbox One and PC with a Founders Pack that costs $14.99 / £9.99 / 12,99€ which includes over $40 worth of content, however Fable Fortune will eventually launch as free-to-play later in 2017.

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