Facebook has revealed that the social network sees around 2 billion users using the platform every month, that’s an increase of 60 million in just a month’s time.

It’s official, 28.6% of the world are using Facebook on a monthly basis according to the social network who announced that it sees over 2 billion monthly active users. That’s up from 1.94 billion the company announced back in May as part of its financial report in May.

While that’s a pretty impressive number, Facebook’s other apps are also shining with Messenger seeing over 1.2 billion monthly users, and WhatsApp seeing similar numbers. Instagram on the other hand sees only 700 million, though it’s much higher than competing social network Twitter which sees around 328 million monthly active users.

“Each day, more than 175 million people share a Love reaction, and on average, over 800 million people like something on Facebook,” product manager Guillermo Spiller said in a press release. “More than 1 billion people use Groups every month.”

Facebook plan to show their appreciation over the next couple of days by introducing more personalised videos celebrating the news and touting its new mission statement of connecting the world.

In the mean time, you can head to this Facebook page to see your own personal video and check out some of your Facebook stats.

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