Final Fantasy XV

Square Enix have recently released a new add-on for the open-world RPG Final Fantasy XV titled Episode Prompto. Upon completing the episode, players will be treated to a trailer featuring details on the upcoming episode Ignis.

The trailer, which can be watched below, contains story spoilers so proceed with caution. The episode looks to fill in a particular section of the game in which the boys find themselves separated from each other. It’s a particularly heartbreaking scene for those who are fond of the spectacle-wearing hero. The only details given in the trailer are that the episode will release in December 2017.

Final Fantasy XV released late last year and saw the series moving into a more Western-style RPG format. The tale follows Noctus and his three companions Gladiolus, Ignis and Prompto. DLC is planned for all three companions with Episode Prompto releasing June 27 2017. You can read our review of Final Fantasy XV here.

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