Sometimes when sports companies release products with their names slapped on it, it’s usually just that, some sort of inferior product with a name slapped upon it. Usually no real thought goes into the product being endorsed it’s just a way to make easy money from “something the pros use”. So when we got the opportunity to review Fnatic’s RUSH Pro Silent mechanical keyboard, I was somewhat apprehensive.

Upon opening the box, I immediately saw that care had gone into ensuring that the keyboard was well packaged and wouldn’t be damaged in transit. There’s definitely some hefty kit in here so making sure that things weren’t bouncing around is definitely a priority here. Once I’d battled through the packaging what I found was a pretty well put together keyboard. It was heavy, but not unmanageable. It also had a detachable wrist rest for that added comfort however I found the minimal look of the keyboard to be much more appealing to me.

Before typing on the Fnatic RUSH Pro Silent keyboard I’d been mostly hammering away on the Logitech Orion Spark G910 which comes with Logitech’s own proprietary switches. The RUSH Pro Silent on the other hand comes with Cherry MX Reds which is my first experience with Cherry MX switches. What’s more, they’re the Silent version of the Reds meaning that while they have some fantastic actuation, perfect for gaming, they’re also pretty quiet too.

Now, to say that these are “silent” is of course a bit of a fib, but in comparison to other mechanical keyboard that I’ve heard, including Logitech’s Romer-G switches, they’re pretty damn quiet and are also a joy to type on. They’re not incredibly difficult to press and still offer that tactile clicking feeling you get from other mechanical keyboards.

One thing I did notice however is the spacing on the keys is quite wide compared to other keyboards I’d been affiliated with in the past. Not necessarily an issue as it allows for a much more accurate punching of the keys, but it did take some getting used to. That being said, the wide spacing doesn’t make the RUSH Pro Silent any larger than your standard keyboard.

Now of course one of the main appeals of this keyboard is its aim towards “gaming”. I mean, it has it within its name and it’s a product developed by Fnatic, a team that’s currently among the top of many esports leaderboards. So how does the keyboard do under some heavy gaming?

As someone who mostly plays first person shooters on PC I can say that the keyboard certainly holds up during fast-paced shooters. They keys are also pretty rapid to respond and it’s an incredibly comfortable keyboard to use. Every key I could need is within reach and the ability to program individual keys in the “Fnatic Gear RUSH” app was also a plus.

The keys themselves weren’t loose feeling, there was enough resistance for me to really feel the keys being pressed down allowing for much more accuracy and preventing any accidental key presses.

Onto the design itself, the keyboard is predominantly matte black with red LEDs underneath each key. These LEDs can be somewhat customised with three brightness settings and one which has the LEDs slowly pulsate. One thing I have noticed with the amount of use its had since it’s been with me (a little over a month at this point) is that the matte-look of the keyboard quickly wares down offering an uneven sheen to each key. This makes the keyboard look pretty worn-in pretty quickly and depending on whether you like your keyboards to look clean or not, this may be a problem.

Another minor little issue is that the matte coating of the keyboard body is also prone to picking up any and all oils/grease from your fingertips. If you find that you rest your thumb or fingers above the arrow keys, you’ll know exactly where they were resting. Again, it’s not a huge issue if you’re not fussed about the way your keyboard looks, but for those who like a clean looking desk, this may be an issue.

Fortunately the keyboard is incredibly easy to clean as all keys are removable so all of those crumbs and other bits of dust which gets in between the keys can be easily removed. The matte coating is also easy to wipe down too.

Now, one of the main aspects of this keyboard is its portability. It’s supposedly made for carrying from tournament to tournament, and I can definitely see this being the case. The cable is long, but has a fabric covering to stop tangles and to make it more durable, it also comes with two additional USB ports on the back allowing for any other peripherals or USB sticks to be attached to the keyboard rather than messing with a tournament-owned rig.

Like I said, it is a little on the heavy side, but not unmanageable. The only downside is that the keyboard doesn’t come with any sort of protective case. Sure, it’s been designed to be durable, but I’d rather not have it knocking around a rucksack by itself. But again, that’s just personal preference.

Overall the Fnatic RUSH Pro Silent Gaming Keyboard is an absolute pleasure to use whether it’s for typing or gaming the keyboard is fully accommodating. It’s comfortable, has a nice tactile feel, and is quiet enough to not wake up the dog that lives three doors down. I have to applaud Fnatic for creating a keyboard that you can tell has had such a high attention to detail given to it. This isn’t an inferior product with an organisations name attached to it, this is a keyboard created by an organisation for the organisation to use.

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