We always talk about Goku vs Superman, but let’s face it. the titan of Metropolis is a bit of a boy scout. Even the edgier versions of the Man of Steel tend to be a little tame or just a tad evil. A good example of that would be Nazi Superman. Yes, a universe where the Nazi’s won World War 2 and all the superheroes became part of the evil regime.

Though since Hitler had his backside kicked by Trunks and Goten, it’s pretty clear that the Z-warriors have given the Nazis what for. If Goku wants to scrap with a superhero from the west he should go up against the Plutonian from Irredeemable.

So for those who haven’t read the Boom Studios published a story written by Mark Waid (The Flash and Daredevil) who decided to show the world that he wasn’t a kick back to safer more PG Silver Age of comics.

Imagine if Superman turned evil and decided that he hated everyone and everything on Earth and that’s the tale of The Plutonian, a demi-god who goes rotten and uses all his superpowers to make the world a miserable place. The one thing you’ll notice when reading Irredeemable is that The Plutonian never gives up. No matter how close he seems to death, he always pulls it back and murders whoever stands in his way.

His determination to win is akin to that of Goku’s. These two would need their own universe to go at it because the damage would be so catastrophic. Especially since The Plutonian develops reality altering powers near the end of his series. Super Saiyan God would give The Plutonian a real run for his money. Though at the end of the day, Goku isn’t ruthless enough to win.

He’d need to support of Vegeta and to a lesser extent of Gohan. Though I really think despite all of Gokus best intentions. He need to turn Beerus and Whiz to help him finish off The Plutonian. Though this action would likely end the universe and knowing The Plutonian he’d probably live to fight another day. Or he’d be giving Cell and Freeza a hell of a time in the afterlife.

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