Green Man Publishing has today announced a brand new game that’s heading into Early Access, War Tech Fighters, or WTF for short. A fast-paced Hollywood-inspired war mech fighter.

Set to land in Early Access later this year, War Tech Fighters is set to bring incredibly hectic gameplay as players kick, punch, and slash their way through waves of spaceships, piloting a huge ballistic behemoth war mech. The game will first launch with the opening hours of an “over the top” single player campaign as well as a survival arena set to challenge players.

Over the course of the Early Access period, the developers will be keen to hear feedback from players to further improve gameplay ahead of its launch.

Manlio Greco, Lead Developer at Drakkar Dev said “With War Tech Fighters, we wanted to create the mecha game we always wanted – a love letter to Japanese Anime, crossed with the bombastic action of Hollywood Blockbusters. By bringing the game to Early Access, we can fine tune the balance in the game, and deliver an awesome action game for die hard mecha fans.”

The game is set to offer a deep level of customisation for players, with hundreds of upgradable parts and a seemingly endless amount of weapons, colours, and mech parts, all combined to create the ultimate space war machine.

Unfortunately there’s currently no release date for the game’s stint in Steam’s Early Access, but we’ll be sure to keep you posted.

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