Hasbro has announced that it’s entering the insanely popular subscription box market with the Hasbro Gaming Crate, a three-monthly box that’ll deliver new games to your door.

The Hasbro Gaming Box will come in two flavours at $49.99 a pop. The first is a more family-friendly version and the second being a more adult-oriented party game box. Every three months the box will come with three games that are brand new.

According to Hasbro’s website, some of these three games “may” initially launch as Game Box exclusives, and will get into players hands before general release.

The company has detailed the contents of the first boxes with the Family Crate being themed around the “family staycation”. It’ll include a crate-exclusive copy of Mask of the Pharaoh, a board game which also has a virtual reality aspect.

As for the Party Crate, this one’s themed “FOMO” and will include a copy of Speak Out, a game which is just another take on that game everyone played this past Christmas which has players wearing a mouth-piece while trying to say certain words or phrases. Though this particular version will be a little more adult-oriented.

These first crates are set to launch in the US this autumn and players can sign up to them as of today. There’s currently no word on an international release.

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