Here’s some Gameplay Footage of Extinction

Iron Galaxy have released the debut gameplay trailer for their upcoming action-adventure game, Extinction, and it looks colossally awesome.

Extinction was unveiled a little bit before E3, then during the event the game’s first gameplay trailer was unveiled which shows off the fast-paced game in action. It also shows off some of the game’s “otherwordly invaders” known as the Ravenii.

In the game, it’s up to the player, who’ll assume the role of the last member of Sentinels, Avil, as he hops, skips, and jumps his way across the environment to take down the Revenii and their minions. It’s up to Avil to save as many civilians as possible as these monsters invade villages and cities.

More info on the game’s mechanics are set to arrive at a later date, so for now, feast your eyes on this new trailer: