The Overwatch PTR is a place where the developers test tweaks, new characters and new maps, and that’s exactly what’s on there right now!

Horizon is a control point map set on the lunar base which was once Winston’s home. The control points themselves are inside the station, but you can venture outside if you want to flank or just have a bit of a giggle with the lower gravity. The muted sound when on the Moon’s surface is also quite a nice touch.

Another lovely little addition is the ability to look through the giant telescope in the starting defence area; it shows the country of Spain from orbit.

The map itself reminds me of the latter portion of El Dorado, with the area being quite restricted but open to all sorts of flanks and dives.

Hopefully it won’t stay in the PTR too long so we can all get our hands on the newest offering from our lord and saviour, Jeff.

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