Digital Cybercherries have finally launched their toy-based first person shooter, HYPERCHARGE: Unboxed on Steam Early Access.

Announced way back in January 2016, Hypercharge has undergone a bit of a rename and now goes by the title of HYPERCHARGE: Unboxed. Along with the name change, the game’s concept has also changed slightly. While players can still create their own action-figure character, they’ll be working together with three other players, to destroy waves of weaponised toys. Initially the game was set to be a multiplayer shooter.

Either way, think Small Soldiers, but as a co-op shooter.

As the game has entered Early Access, there’s still a bit of a way to go until the game is ready for full release, but like with any Early Access game, player feedback will play a key role in helping get the game to full release and a game in which all players can enjoy.

“Your feedback and support helps make the game become something you all truly want to play,” wrote Digital Cybercherries community manager, Joe Henson, in an announcement.  “It’s extremely important to us that your suggestions are heard and we promise to listen.”

Details on how players can submit feedback can be found here.

You can currently dive into HYPERCHARGE: Unboxed for £10.99 over on Steam.

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