Boss Key Productions have announced that their gravity-defying FPS LawBreakers is now available in Open Beta. The PC beta is available for all players, for free, via Steam and will run through until July 5 at 9AM PDT.

The beta includes a bunch of new features including a new map set in the Sierra Nevada Mountains titled “Vertigo”. There’s also a new game mode, “Uplink”, in which players must capture the uplink from the centre of the map and bring it to the team base. Weapon stickers will also be available to try out and will transfer over to the full release at launch.

LawBreakers is the latest game from Gears of War developer Cliff Bleszinski and features physics defying FPS action. Players choose whether to fight to uphold the “Law” or go out for blood as a “Breaker,” as they take part in a conflict raging across locations including the boiling oceans off the Santa Monica coastline to a gravity-ravaged Grand Canyon.

LawBreakers is set to launch on PS4 and PC on August 8. You can check out the PS4 E3 gameplay demo below;

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