Little Nightmares was a pretty fantastic game, but like all good games it had to come to an end. Sure, there’s DLC on the way, but it doesn’t continue the story of Six, the little girl in the yellow coat. Fortunately Six’s story continues in the form of a comicbook by Titan Comics, but is it worth picking up?

The way things end in the main story for Little Nightmares sparks up more questions than it answers. Without going into too many spoilers, there are many theories going around and there’s definitely the potential for the comicbook to answer those questions. However, the comicbook seems to take its own journey, though presumably it’ll end up answering some of these questions left unanswered at the end of the game.

The comicbook starts as you’d expect, with Six making her way through The Maw, scrambling past The Chef and finding her way into one of the many vents present throughout the sea vessel. This time however she’s not alone as she stumbles across a small group of other children, who have presumably also escaped their capture.

After a fairly confusing bit of dialogue in which one of the children tells Six that she doesn’t belong here, her tune quickly changes once one of those leeches trikes, and invites her to join the group by the fire. This is when we quickly recap the events from the game when Six is asked “what have you seen?”

Up until this point the dialogue is mostly narrative with the pictures themselves telling the story from the game. This is actually a pretty clever representation as the game itself offered no dialogue and the player was required to interpret the story for themselves. The art style is also accurately representative of the game’s visuals. Although it takes a more sketchy cartoon-like appearance, you can still see the grotesque and oppressive nature of the world in which Six lives.

This is where any and all of the back story for Six ends and we go into the history of one of the characters around the camp fire. Presumably, this is opening up how the remaining three issues will go, with each of these hidden children telling their backstories, until we eventually come back round to Six.

In this particular tale, this character is being followed by The North Wind who is relentlessly giving him no peace. Apparently it’s due to a wager The North Wind has struck against its cheating adversary. The North Wind won’t give up trying to get the child, that is until a familiar face from The Maw appears and offers a deal of shelter, warmth, and being safe from harm.

This is an interesting tale as it makes the droopy-faced character from The Maw seem like a hero in this scenario rather than the horrible monstrosity that it represents.

Like many first issues, Little Nightmares #1 sets up a pretty interesting story but is somewhat uneventful. It does add more questions to the Little Nightmares Bumper Book of Unanswered Questions, but presumably we’ll be getting more answers as time goes on.

If you’re a fan of Little Nightmares and want to dive deeper into the mysterious world ahead of the release of the first DLC, then I’d definitely recommend picking up Little Nightmares #1.

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