So it looks like Bandai Namco’s addictive and dark game Little Nightmares is getting a new escape story, and it’s happening soon!

Acting as a completely new and parallel story taking place in The Maw, this three-chapter adventures centres around The Runaway Kid, and features all-new locations within the mysterious vessel. The first chapter, The Depths (which releases in July!) takes place in a flooded and rotting basement where The Runaway Kid must escape from something evil is lurking under water.

You might be waiting a while more for part 2 (which is called The Hideaway) as it is set to be released in November, however this unique level will be totally worth the wait! The concept is a machine themed one featuring the Nomes.

And finally, the story behind the third and final chapter is a bit of a mystery as of yet but judging by the first two chapters, will probably be really amazing!

Offering all new puzzles, environments and a new perspective Six’s journey. The expansion and complete edition (which includes the original hit game plus this new DLC content,) are currently available for pre-order and the DLC will be available for PSN, Xbox Live and Steam!

Are you a fan of the original, Little Nightmares? Will you be buying the expansion when it comes out? Let us know in the comments down below!

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