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Following the announcement that MTV was planning to revive their Cribs series through Snapchat, this weekend followers of the MTV account witnessed history in the making.

That’s right, this past weekend MTV launched the first in its new series of Cribs which is appearing exclusively on Snapchat. The first episode, which is just 33 seconds long, takes a trip out to the home of EDM legend, Steve Aoki, and offers a walk through his $2.8 million, 5 bedroom, 15,600 square foot home.

Aoki’s home features his own home studio, as well as a swimming pool which is of course themed around himself.

Of course, there’s not too much you can show in 33 seconds, and to make matters worse, if you don’t see it within 48 hours of it being uploaded, it’s gone forever. So if you missed out this weekend, you’ll have to wait for the next one which “airs” on June 10.

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