skeleton boomerang ANIM•ACE

If you’re one of the many souls pining for more tight, mechanical, and difficult games from the days when you strained your eyes staring at that CRT in the dead of the night, you might want to keep your eyes on Skeleton Warrior from ANIM●ACE.

The premise is as eccentric as the chiptune soundtrack and wack visuals might lead you to believe: you arrive on an island on the quest to lay the smackdown on an evil voodoo lord and his army of skeletons. Your quest leads to you jumping across rooftops, riding snowmobiles, tearing apart skeleton foes, engaging with exhumed jurassic beasts, and sailing the depths of space because I’ll be damned if I let those skeletons lay claim to the stars. You are one man with one mission and one boomerang.

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Skeleton Boomerang is another game in a trend of recreating the days of yore, and it is teething with soul and spirit. By revolving the game around your one core tool, your boomerang, and enhancing, modifying, and mutating it as need be, the enemy encounters and bosses are all about embracing the challenge and the odds stacked against you and overcoming them through pure skill and dedication.

The game is set to launch on Steam and is slated for 2017, likely later this Fall. Stay tuned for more updates as they come, or go ahead and follow the developers on Twitter and throw some love their way.

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