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The second week of the Summer of Splash brings us a Wii U National in SoCal, and another Canadian National in Ontario, as well as the usual slew of regionals galore.

This is Smash Tour.

What: 2GGC Nairo SagaWii U Singles and Doubles, Rock Paper Scissors, Waifu Wars
Where: Esports Arena, Santa Ana, California
When: Saturday and Sunday, June 10-11
Who: Nairo, ZeRo, Ally, Larry Lurr, ANTi, Etika
Why: The sixth monthly in the 2GGChampionship, as well as its second Major event after Civil War earlier in the year, Nairo Saga bumps up the stakes as it will cap off the rankings cycle for the PGR, meaning that this is the last chance for players to prove themselves moving into the latter half of the year. With Nairo looking good after Momocon, could this be the end of the Saga Curse?


What: Saints Gaming LiveMelee Singles and Doubles, Wii U Singles and Doubles, Street Fighter V, Heathstone, CS:GO, League of Legends, Overwatch
Where: St. Clair College, Windsor, Ontario, Canada
When: Saturday and Sunday, June 10-11
Who: Hungrybox, Mew2King, Westballz, Duck, n0ne, KirbyKaze
Why: Ontario’s New Premier Esports Event, featuring a stacked suite of the biggest and most popular titles, the first installment of Saints Gaming Live isn’t holding back. Not only is there an astounding prize pool, but with all the biggest names for Melee flown out, it shows that the crew here are looking to do business. With the total attendee number rather low, it’s looking like it’ll be a brawl between the greats right out the gate.

Melee Stream:
Wii U Stream: 

What: Xanadu Spring Arcadian 2017Melee Singles, Wii U Singles, 64 Singles, PM Singles, Brawl Singles
Where: Xanadu Games, Baltimore, Maryland
When: Saturday, June 10
Who: The greatest unranked talent in MD/VA.
Why: It’s an Arcadian! With all ranked players in MD/VA banned from attendance, this Spring Arcadian is the perfect time for the Xanadu crew to prove their worth and aim for that #1 spot. Expect the traditional production quality you would expect from VGBootCamp, and a truly interesting show.


What: Smashville 6 ~ Melee Singles and Doubles, Wii U Singles and Doubles, PM Singles
Where: Exhibit Hall, Evansville, Indiana
When: Saturday, June 10
Who: Colbol, Abate, Kels, Drephen, Redd, Darkshad
Why: A showcase of talent in the midwest, with some of Melee’s unsung heroes set on a collision course. With the absence of tip-top players, the results are looking to be truly interesting, and could be a true test of the accuracy of the MIOM rankings.


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