Image & Form have today announced that along side the Nintendo Switch release of SteamWorld Dig 2, the game will also be coming to Steam and PS4 too.

While the game was initially unveiled as a Nintendo Switch title, Image & Form never really committed to the “launch exclusive” moniker, and now we know why. There’s also an updated release window of “Late Summer/Early Fall 2017”, the reason for this is because, despite the game being pretty much done there are still a few things they need to work on, and pushing the game back slightly takes pressure off of the developers.

Either way, it will be coming to Steam, PS4, and Nintendo Switch.

But what about other platforms? Well, the developers have also touched upon other platforms saying that while their legacy lies with 3DS and PS Vita, they’re currently not commenting on whether the game will be coming to handheld, just yet. As for Wii U, their official statement is simply:

“Even though we love Wii U and had great success on the console, there’s no denying that Nintendo Switch has firmly taken its place by now. For that simple reason, we will no longer make new Wii U games.”

From here the developers are apparently going on vacation, but when they return they’ll hopefully be closer to telling us when the game is launching, they’ll also be talking about price too.

Until then you can Wishlist the game on Steam.

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