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Created by the small but dedicated team over at Shadow Knights Studio (which is based in the United States,) The Lighthouse is a gorgeously terrifying adventure/horror game that is looking very promising!

Set in Maine, February 1964, you place as Irvine who is a detective-turned-private investigator living a simple life of solving mysteries for people who have no one else to turn to. Mainly of course, he investigates spouses suspected of cheating and things of that kind of nature. However, a sadness hangs over Irvene.

7 Years ago, he lost his daughter, Lily, to cancer and has since been visiting her grave on her anniversary every year, lighting a candle for her and to pay his respects. Finally, he leaves a pink lily in his place before he leaves to continue on his monotonous life. The tradition has never been broken once and as Irvine gears up to do the heartbreaking act once more on the anniversary of her death, he’s packing up his things one night at his office beforehand as usual. Until that is, he gets a mysterious letter slipped under his door.

The letter is a desperate cry for help from a worried sick mother who claims that her daughter has been missing for ‘2 years, 4 months and 9 days’ after being apart of the ‘lighthouse incident’. She claims that the police refuse to help, telling her terrible things about what happened to her daughter instead. With no one else willing to help her, the mother asks for Irvine’s help in finding her child, leaving only an address and a pink lily. That begins your journey through this world that is filled with puzzles and clues that will help guide your way and uncover the mystery.

Could Irvine and this woman’s daughter be the same person? Or is it all a strange coincidence? What exactly is ‘The Lighthouse incident?’ and why wont the police help a distressed mother instead of deterring her from looking into it? The game hasn’t even been released yet and I’m really curious about what the hell is going on! There are so many questions to be answered and I can’t wait to explore and get some answers.

The game has been in production since 2014, going through numerous development changes since it was created. At first, it was just meant to be a 2-D point-and-click game, created for The Global Game Jam by Laylee Bodaghee and Ari Bodaghee. The Lighthouse has turned into a stunning 3-D game with immersive story-telling and a eerie and dark looking world created with Unreal Engine 4.

The game currently has an alpha available as well as plans to relaunch a Kickstarter for the game!

Set to release in Q4 2017, this first person horror game will be available on consoles such as Windows and PS4 and will also be able to work with the Oculus Rift so you can experience all of the nail-biting terror as if you were really there!

Are you a fan of horror/thrillers? What do you think of The Lighthouse? Let us know down in the comments down below and check out the trailer right here!

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