Twitch have announced that users will now be able to Subscribe to steamers in the Twitch Affiliate program.

Last April, Twitch launched the Affiliate program, which allowed far more broadcasters than the ever-so-elusive Partners be able to begin monetising their content. The first step here was to allow Affiliates to receive Bits, Twitch’s form of tipping currency.

They have insisted that sub buttons (the ability for a viewer to ‘Subscribe’ to a channel for a monthly fee of $4.99 to support the creator) as well as the ability to run ads have been On The Way Soon™. This week, the Sub Button will be gracing thousands of channels in one of the biggest moves to empower creators the website has ever had.

So, what does this mean for you? If you’re a streamer, this means the barrier of entry to be able to be profitable with your streams is significantly lower now; if you have dedicated fans who want to support you, you are no longer forced into using a third party program such as GameWisp. This also negates one of the few draws of competitor livestreaming platforms such as Smashcast, Mixer, and StreamMe, as they offered lower barriers to partnership in a bid to lure people to their platforms with a quick buck. As a viewer, this now gives you the means to support your favorite creators, no matter how popular they may be, with Subscription options varying from $4.99, $14.99, and $24.99. If you have Amazon Prime, you also get Twitch Prime and can subscribe to them for free!

In effect, Twitch’s Affiliate Program is securing the platform’s place as the king of livestreaming content. With Twitch rolling out the ability to purchase games over the past few weeks and its Twitch Studios program this summer, the message is clear and they are out to dominate.

Also if you do have Amazon Prime you should TOTALLY sub to the n3rdabl3 Twitch channel, I heard those guys are really funny and clever and smart and attractive and would really appreciate it.

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