As Virtual Reality enters its second year on the market, its library of games is growing to a healthy size. More and more publications are allocating time to the coverage of VR titles, with a wider range of reviews being published every day.

This is where vrgamecritic comes in. Just like how Metacritic collects and collates scores and reviews from a huge list of publications, vrgamecritic is working hard to provide the same for VR only. At the time of writing vrgamecritic has collected 3500 VR game reviews from console and PC platforms.

This huge number is made up of 12% HTC Vive, 17% Oculus Rift and a notable 71% PlayStation VR reviews. VRGC includes reviews from 27 countries and over 240 international sites and partners.

A new Game Explorer feature has been added to the site in which users can look for popular and recommended titles.

VRGC have released the winners of their 2016 vrgamecritic awards, based on internal data, which are as follows.

  • Best Game – HTC Vive: The Gallery – Episode 1: Call of the Starseed developed by Cloudhead Games
  • Best Game – Oculus Rift: DiRT Rally developed by Codemasters
  • Best Game – PlayStation VR: Rez Infinite developed by Enhance Games and Monstars
  • Most Reviewed Game Overall: Batman: Arkham VR developed by Rocksteady Studios
  • Busiest Publication (VR Specialist): UploadVR (United States)
  • Busiest Publication (Other Media): 4Players (Germany)


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