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For the past couple of weeks now we’ve kick started an old feature of ours called The Indie Fix, and while the concept seems pretty straight forward I wanted to explain in a little more detail our aim behind this particular feature.

The Indie Fix is a weekly spotlight feature posted every Wednesday on indie games and their developers. Our idea for this feature is to focus solely on self-published games and “bedroom developers” who are either diving into the game development scene for the first time, may be working on a game in their spare time, or are made up of small teams.

All of the games we highlight are usually in development, however all of them have some sort of free playable build so that we can play the game for ourselves. There’s no point saying a game looks cool if it doesn’t play well, too.

The indie development scene is absolutely booming and sometimes these hidden gems can often get overlooked, so our aim is to dig out these gems and let you all know about them.

For the most part, the game featured in The Indie Fix has been purely down to the author’s discretion but if you feel like you’re working on one of these hidden gems, you can get in touch with us by filling out this form.

If you are interested in being featured, please note that your game must:

  • Be completely self-published
  • Have a free playable demo or prototype
  • Demo/prototype must be publicly accessible
  • Demo/prototype must have been updated within the past three months; or
  • Development page / dev blog / social media must have been updated with some sort of progress within the past month.

Please note: While submissions may be considered, there’s no guarantee they’ll be featured on The Indie Fix.

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