Marvel’s first TV dud is kind of problematic. Iron Fist was clearly planned to be a big part of the Netflix Marvel family of shows. So what can they do now?

A lot of the criticism seems to be aimed at leading man, Finn Jones, namely at his characterisation and his stage combat abilities.

That’s always the flaw with some live action adaptations which involve martial arts. You need to cast someone who resembles the characters in the source material but they also have to have the skills to back it up.

Like Street Fighter, The Legend of Chun Li. The lead was clearly had little or no stage training. Finn clearly had little experience in training in martial arts and people have picked up on it.

Though you’re not limited to the tales of Danny Rand since Iron Fist is a legacy identity and over the centuries many have assumed the guise of Iron Fist. Like Orson Randall for example, the Iron Fist of the World War One era. Instead of another season following Danny Rand around, why not do a story about Orson?

It’ll give Marvel the chance of using some of its assets that were created through the first Captain America movie. Like the Howling Commandos or even the sharp-eyed easter egg of the Human Torch?

Since Orson has lived for a long time you’ve got plenty of different time periods to choose from. You’ve even got the wider fiction of the Iron Fist and the various other kung-fu warriors that we’re introduced in the Immortal Weapons storyline.

Failing that, Iron Fist and Luke Cage could set up Heroes for Hire. Imagine the Avengers…that are for hire. The street level dynamic duo kicking butts and taking names. Through that, you can introduce more characters like White Tiger as well as expand the characters of Misty Knight or Colleen Wing.

Honestly from where I stand this might be the most interesting decision Marvel has got. What do they do with such a dud?

Keep going and fix it along the way? Or throw it out and bury it as deep as possible?


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