I’m not a huge fan of waste, that’s why I see the Tron franchise as an uneaten piece of dessert or a piece of paper that needs drawing on… It needs to be used for something.

The thing is, Disney has decided to shut down the Tron franchise, which is weird when you think about it. The original film seemed to have such an impact on science fiction as it was the first virtual reality movie to get the blockbuster treatment as far as I can tell.

I know it was a post-Star Wars cash hunter, but the light cycles could’ve been as iconic as the lightsaber. You could even argue the original design of the main character Tron, could’ve inspired the designs of Megaman NT Warrior.

Though I guess the belated Tron Legacy didn’t make all the money Disney wanted, the cartoon didn’t work, and neither did the games. Though the Daft Punk soundtrack was epic.

I don’t think the world of The Grid should be obsolete, so why doesn’t Disney merge the Tron Universe with the MCU? Think about it, there are no constraints for these two franchises existing in the same universe.

Here are a couple of ways you can do that.

Maybe one day, the bad guys from The Grid enter the real world and The Avengers have got to do battle with them? What if, Sam Flynn is arrested by SHIELD and Quoraa is given a chance to join the Avengers?

Nick Fury hasn’t been seen for a while. Maybe he’s hiding in the virtual reality world of The Grid? What if Howard Stark and Henry Pym were somehow involved in The Grid? What if The Grid was being used a prison for super villains, borrowing off the Civil War story where a prison was set up in the Negative Zone?

Justin Hammer hasn’t been seen for a while, could he have made a deal with The Grid villains to invade? Or maybe, since it’s a strong bet that The Fantastic Four might be making its way to Disney, what if the Fantastic Four gained their powers from a visit to the Grid?

Maybe that last one was a little too far…

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James Cain
James Cain

I strongly disagree. Tron deals with broader science fiction ideas, where as MCU is void of any such material. They are tonally incompatible. I do wish they would do the franchise justice.

Josh Francis
Josh Francis

I disagree. Merging Tron with MCU would then fill that void. The MCU has proven it can put out material in various different tones. From funny to serious.