WWE’s Stardust Could Make an Epic Comicbook Villain

A comic book villain is a complex thing. Without a good one, a hero sometimes can’t be considered as great. I mean think about it, if Batman didn’t have his iconic rogue gallery, would we have our Dark Knight?

It could be argued that DC does have the better villains compared to Marvel, par maybe Spider-man’s rogue gallery, Magento, and Doctor Doom. DC’s villains are more complex and memorable. I mean if you look at the Marvel movies, their villains aren’t that memorable overall are they? I mean look at the villain of Thor the Dark World, without Googling, can you remember his name?

DC had some success with Suicide Squad, which was basically a team of super-villains. So that says something. Though I think we could all agree on one thing, WWE’s Stardust would make a great comicbook villain.

I know the whole gimmick is that Cody Rhodes behaves like a comic book villain and I am aware he wasn’t fond of the gimmick overall. Though from what I’ve read, he is a fan of comics as well as The Legend of Zelda.

Even though he did hate it, he did give it his all. He kind of reminds of a more insane version of Nightwing even though the original idea was that’d he look more like Cable from the X-Men.

WWE’s Stardust Could Make an Epic Comicbook Villain - n3rdabl3

So why do I think Stardust would make a great villain? Well like a good villain, Stardust is kind of unpredictable. I mean think about it, what makes the Joker great is the fact that you literally don’t know what he’s going to do next.

He also has the great schemes of someone like Lex Luthor for example. He did a have an evil plot against Cesaro, which unfortunately didn’t work out… Also like may of Lex Luthor’s schemes.

We also kind of like it when our villains can scrap against our heroes, like Spider-Man and Green Goblin for example.

Stardust can sure scrap, I mean that’s all wrestling is when you think about it. To finish this off, he’s already gained some cred on the super-villain scene after beating up Arrow.

What do you think?