PlayerUnknown Teases New Desert Map For PUBG

We got a small glimpse of what’s next for the mercurial PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds yesterday when the creator himself tweeted out a few work in progress shots of a new map.

The team seem to be settling in to their new offices in Madison (image of their swimming pool filled with gold coins incoming). It’s good to know that even with the move, they’re still beavering away making new content for their rabid fans.

The desert is the next location for battle Royale ’em up, with rolling hills being traded for steep rocky terrain and the quaint being swapped out for the dilapidated. I’m definitely going to have to take a different approach now there are WAY less trees to hide behind.

Below you’ll find the two screenshots that Player Unknown posted to his feed:

The fact that the game is still super popular months after ‘release’ even with the one map shows how fun PUBG is. It really feels like they nailed what DayZ and H1Z1 couldn’t; long may it continue!