Something Substantial is Happening in No Man’s Sky Next Week

The Alternate Reality Game that Hello Games have been playing with No Man’s Sky players for the past month looks to be finally coming to a climax as all dates point to July 21.

Earlier this year key members of the No Man’s Sky community received cassette tapes, on these cassette tapes were cryptic messages which, once decoded, spelled out the word “Portal”. Since then, the ARG has continued tenfold.

Progress has lead players to a website, which once registered, gave them access to a livestream video which hints that something big is coming on July 21, but only a select few will be able to enter.

Looks like there are a select number of Level 4 Atlas Passes which will be awarded to 10,000 applicants, but they’ll need to complete a questionnaire and a handful of tasks before they’re deemed worthy.

I mean, that’s a Beta, right? Only a select few dedicated players can enter, have to be dedicated, have to register and provide feedback. Oh, and an “internal memo” reveals that “Project Walking Titan” will be complete in August.

Whatever it is, dedicated players can try and gain access to Project Walking Titan on July 21 which is when we’ll all probably find out what the hell is going on.

  • Freddie Bowes

    It isn't a beta, that has been confirmed by HG

    • Hey Freddie, is that right? Where can we find this confirmation, would love to follow it up / add it to the post :)

      • rmkilmer
        • You're right. I did see that but I wasn't sure if I could take their word for it as there's no direct comment from HG apart from that second-hand statement. I'm not saying it's wrong, just being cautious to believe everything I read online, that's all. I'll reach out to HG again in the morning to see if we can get some direct clarification on this.

          • rmkilmer

            Yeah I understand. That's just what we know.

          • Appreciate the comment! We always encourage discussion! It's definitely an interesting thing HG are doing with this, it almost has me want to dive back into the game again!

          • rmkilmer

            Yeah. I was pretty excited for the Foundation and Pathfinder updates and now with all of this build up I'm even more excited to see what the next update has to offer.

          • Freddie Bowes

            Oh, rmkilmr beat me to it that was what I was going to link

        • ToyBoxofGuns

          Thank you!

  • alberto beanez

    10,000 applicants? Are there even that many players?

    • Freddie Bowes

      i bet you don't even know anthing about the game and are just jumping on the bandwagon, do some research about it before you comment. Because if you did your opinion would change

  • Chris Terry

    So I guess I will wait until 2018 to buy this game as it seems still in development.

    • Jacob Mulholland

      It's supposed to be updated constantly like minecraft. If you count minecraft as "still in development" then sure. Unless of course of course you're referring to the fact it's not what they promised, then yes. lol

  • Matt33111

    Can't wait for a new update! Also with 10,000 even I might be able to get in.

  • Chicken McPhee

    I know I'm alone here, but I really like No Man's Sky.