Power Rangers Legacy Wars has announced a huge update as they add even more characters. I can’t help thinking about the fights I’d like to book though…

So with some of the recent addition from the Boom Comics run of Power Rangers joining the mobile game including the evil Tommy of a parallel world, I’ve come up with 4 dream scraps I would like to see.

Kim the original Pink Mighty Morphin’ Power Ranger vs Kat the second Pink Might Morphin’ Power Ranger

Nearly every 90’s kid’s first crush, the high kicking pilot of the mighty pterodactyl against Kat. Kat was introduced in season 3 when Kim was written out after actor Amy Jo Johnson left the show. Kat started life as a cat and got turned into a human by Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd. If Zordon, would permit it, I’d like to see these two go each other and see what’s better, the original or 2.0

Tommy the Green Mighty Morphin’ Power Ranger vs Jason The Gold Zeo Ranger

It’s kind of a stalemate between the Red and Green Mighty Morphin Power Ranger since the Green Ranger has many more extra abilities meaning Jason is a little bit out-gunned. In Power Rangers Zeo, Jason becomes the 6th Ranger as Zeo Gold. You’d need to evacuate all of Angel Grove to have these two titans have a real battle.

Trini using the Black Dragon Armour vs Dark Specter from Power Rangers in Space

One of the coolest splash pages from the first arc of Boom’s series was seeing Yellow Ranger Trini don a micro sized Megazord to battle Rita and her monsters. It’s basically a Megazord in tiny form. Are zords stronger in a parallel world? What could be a better test than pitting her against the head evil boss from Power Rangers in Space?

It sounds fair to me.

Ecliptor from Power Rangers In Space vs Lord Zedd

My favourite bad guy from all of Power Rangers history pitted against the villain that made parent groups cross. Lord Zedd’s design and general presence on screen were considered so scary that parent groups campaigned heavily against it. He’s a powerful villain but would he be any match for the sinister villain from Power Rangers in Space?Ecliptor destroyed a fair few Megazords with his bare hands. I think Zedd may have met his match.

I could go on forever with all of these fantasy match ups, so can you think of any great matches? Let us know in the comments!

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