6 Indie Games That Will Give You Chills

There are some seriously creepy horror games out there but lately, indie studios have been killing it with the unsettling, messed up and just plain terrifying games that would give anyone goosebumps.

Here are 6 incredibly creepy or terrifying indie games that you can play right now to satisfy your horror craving!


6 Indie Games That Will Give You Chills - n3rdabl3

This is one of those games where you have absolutely no idea what is going on and yet you still find yourself going down all the creepy corridors, deeper into the dark and following every monstrous sound. Conarium is a HP Lovecraft inspired horror that’s steeped in mystery and messed up experiments that went wrong, and that you happened to be a part of, until it nearly killed you.

After awakening with no idea where your crew is, you must explore your site and uncover what happened. Left alone in a unearthly corner of Alaska with nothing to defend yourself from the things that go bump in the dark, Conarium will keep you up all night trying to uncover it’s mysteries – or maybe just because it’s given you nightmares.

Little Nightmares

6 Indie Games That Will Give You Chills - n3rdabl3


In most games, we’re use to working our way up to be the biggest and baddest thing out there. But in Little Nightmares, you’re at the bottom of the food chain. You play as Six, a child trapped in the horrific and dark world of the Maw.

The Maw is place with a lot of dark secrets, shadowy residents lurking in the dark and of course, bloating guests with an insatiable hunger. Refusing to be the next meal, Six vows to escape the Maw armed only with a lighter and her smarts. Little Nightmares is a clever platformer with tons of puzzles to crack in order to make your escape.

We Happy Few

6 Indie Games That Will Give You Chills - n3rdabl3


In an dystopic English city where the citizens are being controlled by a drug called Joy, you play as one of the few people who really see what’s happening to everyone around you. However, becoming apart of the madness is the only way to escape it, as you blend in with the crowd of too-happy drugged up townspeople.

The old music and overall bright ascetic leaves a chill down players spine as they weigh the benefits of arming up and becoming an outlaw or camouflaging in a world that’s always watching.


6 Indie Games That Will Give You Chills - n3rdabl3


This black and white puzzle platformer follows the strange and creepy journey a young boy goes on in order to save his sister from the dark and dangerous world she is trapped in. Making your way through the weird and eerie world, you’ll have to avoid traps, climb and escape from monsters. Limbo is both a horror game and a work of art that the developers at Playdead proudly call a game of ‘trial and death’.

Layers of Fear

6 Indie Games That Will Give You Chills - n3rdabl3

Delving into the mind of an obsessed, disturbed painter is not pretty. Follow the psychedelic madness of a painter, alone in a creepy Victorian mansion and obsessed with finishing his best work yet, the Magnum Opus.

However, sounds, lights and figures begin to appear and transform right before his eyes. What’s the secret behind this painter who is losing his mind? A game that’s not for the faint of heart, you must explore the mansion and follow every vision to discover the real story.


6 Indie Games That Will Give You Chills - n3rdabl3

Oxenfree starts off calm and cool with a group of teenagers spending their break by the beach side with bonfires, smores and games of truth or dare. But when a couple of the gang decide to check out the caves that are rumoured to host paranormal activity, the teens accidentally find themselves tapping into a haunting radio frequency that unhinges time.

Playing as Alex, you’re forced to either fight back or play along with a malevolent force that threatens you and your friends. Besides getting to chose Alex’s responses to all conversations, how you choose to approach the many nail-biting scenes could determine who lives and who dies.

Fran Bow

6 Indie Games That Will Give You Chills - n3rdabl3

After witnessing the horrible death of her parents, a young girl named Fran (who suffers from a mental disorder,) runs from her home and into the forest with her cat Mr. Midnight. However, after collapsing from her crippling lose, Fran finds herself trapped in Oswald Institute. But mysterious and haunting dreams push Fran to escape the institute and go in search of her missing cat and only living relative.

With a cute character that’s contrasted by disturbing art, this creepy horror game touches upon many subjects that many studios might not be willing to delve into.

Gone Home

6 Indie Games That Will Give You Chills - n3rdabl3

Gone Home is a realistic simulation game that lets you explore the secrets of a seemingly normal family in an empty home. After returning home from a year abroad, you find your family home completely empty. Searching the home from things left behind, you slowly uncover what exactly happened while you were gone. The game, while first appearing harmless, has an ominous sense eeriness surrounding it.

What are your favourite indie horror games? Let us know in the comments down below!

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