Developer Fireblade Software have released a brand new trailer for their FTL-style sea voyaging survival game, Abandon Ship, which focuses on the game’s Sea Monsters and various cults.

Abandon Ship’s development is coming along pretty well. Each time we get a new glimpse of the game it looks even better than before, but there’s one thing we’ve always wondered about, how do sea monsters play into the game? We’ve seen them briefly, but never really had much of an introduction.

“One of my most frequently received questions since our initial announcement trailer was about the sea monster aspect of the game, so I’m looking forward to the reception of this latest video,” said developer Gary Burchell in an email to n3rdabl3.

The latest trailer give us a much better look at the game’s sea monsters and how the Cult of Haliphron play a huge part in the game. These sea monster worshippers look to be the players’ main antagonist as they attack with their own fleet who will stop at nothing to sink your ship. They seem like a pretty formidable foe as they not only fear death and never surrender, but they can also dive into the water and attack you that way, too.

Oh, and did we mention the Kraken?

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