ARK: Survival Evolved is getting ever closer to its August launch date, and to mark the looming launch, Studio Wildcard has doubled the price of the game to $60.

It’s not unusual for a game to have a higher price once it launches out of Early Access. The reason for the introductory price is because the game, in its EA state, isn’t the full game so why should players expect to pay full price? Usually however, when a game does fully launch, its price rarely ever doubles.

That being said, this hasn’t stopped Studio Wildcard from raising the price of ARK: Survival Evolved from $30 to $60 ahead of its expected full launch. According to the studio, this move is to ensure “retail parity”…

ARK: Survival Evolved isn’t set to fully launch until August 8, however, so many are questioning the studios motives here. Though its probably due to many people purchasing the game ahead of launch while it’s still labelled as Early Access.

This has of course left many outraged, including Dean Hall, the creator of the fabled DayZ Mod / Standalone. On Twitter he said that the price rise was “fucking outrageous” and that if they’re asking for AAA money, the game needs to be in an AAA state.

At this point, are we really surprised by this? I mean, Studio Wildcard are the same company that released paid DLC for a game still in Early Access, after all.

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