Ignited Artists has announced their debut game, a co-operative roguelike called Barbaric, which has players banding together to defeat the demons that have plagued their land.

Barbaric is a co-operative focused roguelike where teamwork is key. With eight heroes to choose from, players must utilise their unique specialised skills to navigate procedurally-generated dungeons and defeat what lurks within.

The game not only draws inspiration from roguelikes, but also competitive fighting games, as players will need to think carefully about their actions as friendly fire plays a key part in the game. If you go in swinging, there’s a chance you’ll end up doing more harm than good.

Interestingly the game’s friendly fire mechanic offers a way to completely betray your comrades, as when the mission draws to a close, they can kill their allies in order to acquire the Boss Token which can be exchanged for powerful loot.

“Combat is the heart of every dungeon-crawler, but where can you find the best combat? Fighting games.” says Scott Foe, Game Director of Barbaric. “We tossed out everything from the classics and borrowed from fighting games to deliver the smoothest, most-thoughtful experience in the genre.”

Ignited Artists is made up of industry veterans from the former VP at Activision Blizzard and former Executive Producer at SEGA.

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