EA Games have premiered a new trailer for their upcoming expansion for Battlefield 1, In the Name of the Tsar, which takes a look at the Brusilov Keep map.

Brusolov Keep is one of six maps coming to Battlefield 1 when In the Name of the Tsar DLC launches later this year. The map has landed on the game’s CTE with a number of weapons.

This particular map focuses more on infantry battles with only a few vehicles available, those available will mostly be light vehicles and cavalry. It’s also a fairly smaller map than players are used to which will likely cause for more close quarters battles in amongst the various routes available to players.

The weapons included in the CTE include two versions of the Maxim SMG, Federov Avtomat rifle, General Liu rifle, double barrelled shotgun, MG14 Parabellum, Vetterli M1870, Mosin Nagant M91 rifle, and the Nagant Revolver.

Check it out:

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