During Electronic Arts’ latest call to investors, the company confirmed that a new Battlefield title would be coming in 2018.

During the company’s first quarter fiscal year 2018 earnings call, CEO Andrew Wilson confirmed to investors that a new entry into the Battlefield franchise would be coming in 2018. Unfortunately there are little details as to whether this would be a follow up to Battlefield 1, the company’s latest release, or a new Battlefield title entirely.

“We’ll continue delivering for our Battlefield fans, including the next great game in the franchise,” Wilson said during the investor call. “Across our top franchises and new IP, our ongoing focus will be on advancing the state-of-the-art in games for players on every platform. Delivering new and compelling ways to discover, engage and enjoy games will enable us to reach more players and grow our network.”

Battlefield 1 launched back in 2016 and was a refreshing entry into the series as it focused on the battles of World War 1. While it still had some very familiar gameplay mechanics, players could get deep into the trenches of WW1 in various locations throughout the world.

Elsewhere in the investor call, Wilson also revealed that Battlefield 1 now has over 21 million players.

“In Battlefield 1, our community has grown to 21 million unique players experiencing an extensive live service with monthly updates, in-game events and missions and the largest expansion pack in franchise history,” he said.

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