Brawlhalla is Getting Cross-platform Play Between PS4 and PC

Blue Mammoth Games has revealed that when Brawlhalla finally slams out of Early Access as well as closed beta on PS4, the game will have cross-play functionality between PS4 and PC.

While Brawlhalla is due to come out of Early Access pretty soon, it’s still planning to launch into Closed Beta on PS4 from August 1. Players can sign up to the console beta now, or alternatively purchase a $20 Founders Pack to gain instant access.

Eventually, however, the game will be free-to-play on both PC and PS4, and will feature cross-play between the two platforms. This means that those who play on PC will be able to join the fight with their DualShock-wielding friends on PS4, and vice-versa.

Since landing in Early Access on PC, more than 5.3 million players have jumped into the game, so almost immediately, the PS4 version will be full of players when it launches into Closed Beta.

“As our number of Legends grows, so does the size of Brawlhalla’s player community,” says Matt Woomer, co-founder, Blue Mammoth Games. “And with crossplay, millions of PlayStation and PC players will be able to challenge their friends no matter which platform they fight on.”

This news is pretty interesting considering Sony’s stance on cross-play between other platforms, specifically Xbox One, and just goes to prove that Sony isn’t protecting its player base by refusing to enable cross-play with Xbox.

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