Daimler and Bosch are entering the automated vehicle industry with a brand new announcement today called “Automated Valet Parking”.

Automated Valet Parking is exactly what you might think it is, valet parking that isn’t done by another human, but by the car itself. The way the two companies see it is that drivers will be able to simply step out of their car, open up an app on their phone, tap the screen, and the car scoots off and parks itself in its own pre-registered parking spot.

Up until this point, automated parking has usually required assistance from the user, namely pushing a button and sitting back as the car does the hard work. This on the other hand, would put the driver out of control in the hands of this new technology.

The two companies imagine a parking complex that’s been fitted with an “intelligent multi-storey car park inftrastructure” which has been created by Bosch, that’ll help guide vehicles with semi-autonomous capabilities, in this case, those from Daimler’s car company, Mercedes-Benz, into available parking spots and back again.

“The use of intelligent parking garage infrastructure and its connectivity with vehicles has allowed us to make driverless parking a reality much earlier than expected,” said Gerhard Steiger, the president of Bosch’s Chassis Systems Control division.


Of course, this isn’t for any old car, so don’t expect to be downloading the app for your late 00s hatchback, right now its very much conceptual and won’t be a standard feature in vehicles for a little while now.

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