Dead Synchronicity: Tomorrow Comes Today developer Fictorama Studios has announced its brand new game set to launch this Autumn, Do Not Feed the Monkeys.

Do Not Feed the Monkeys is being dubbed a voyeur simulator where players are tasked with watching and invading the privacy of dozens of strangers as they go about their day. Featuring a narrative-driven story, players will need to balance their voyeurism with struggling to pay rent.

“The Primate Observation Club” may seem innocent from the outside, but deep within it’s a shadowy group that watches over society through surveillance cameras and compromised webcams. From browsing social networks, websites, newspapers, and more, players will get deep insight into the “monkeys” they are charged to spy.

But while they’re asked to let sleeping dogs lie, players will be able to intervene if something bad happens, or simply sit back and watch as the madness unfolds. Either way, whatever happens there will be consequences.

“Do Not Feed the Monkeys is our most ambitious project to date,” comments Alberto Oliván, Narrative Designer at Fictiorama Studios. “We have had total freedom when it comes to design the stories and the games mechanics and, as a result, the player will experience different situations and face different endings based on the decisions they take.”

Check out the game’s debut trailer below:

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Do Not Feed the Monkeys will launch this Autumn for PC.

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